Brandon Nashville Stutts: Sports and Recreation

Brandon Stutts Nashville believes balance comes through his love of sports and recreation.

While life has many callings, work, family, dedication to an ideal… In all of this, as important as each is, what makes each possible is balance.

Balance Through Sports and Recreation

As a full time professional in the business and Restaurant Management Industry, Brandon Stutts Nashville certainly has his plate full. Brandon Stutts Nashville is currently the Chief Operations Officer (COO) and Regional Vice President (RVP) of a few major companies and American Restaurant Chains. When it comes time for him to relax and have fun, Brandon Stutts looks to teams from his home state Texas to bring light and balance into his life.

The Texas Rangers, Brandon Stutts' Favorite Team

The Favorite Team of Brandon Stutts Nashville

Growing up, Brandon Stutts played all kinds of sports. Whether it was track, soccer, football, or baseball, Brandon Stutts Nashville could not get enough. While in middle school, Stutts Nashville played track, soccer, baseball, and football, both in school and after school to develop his skills. When the time came to take a sport in a more serious direction, Brandon Stutts chose to focus on his two loves: Baseball and Football.

Brandon Stutts Nashville: Starting in Sports

In High School, Brandon Stutts excelled in Baseball. Stutts played for the All Stars team at the two High Schools he attended. While he was excelling at Jacksonville Texas High School, Brandon Stutts’ family moved, causing Brandon to shift to a new team in the middle of his High School Career. Turning out to be a benefit in disguise, the new shift to Robert E. Lee High School made Brandon Stutts Nashville hit the ground running, or jump straight in treading water. As he had already developed a means of communication with his previous team, Brandon Stutts was able to restart this process again, garnering important skills of communication in his sports career at Robert E. Lee which he would use later in his career as a restaurant manager.

swat equipmentIn baseball, Stutts played Pitcher and Catcher, and in Football, Stutts played Nose Tackle and Middle Linebacker. During his time playing sports in at both High Schools, Brandon Stutts Nashville learned the valuable lessons of playing with a team, relying on your teammates, and fulfilling the responsibility assumed to you as a member of that team. As he developed an interest in a particular area of study, Brandon Stutts brought with the skills he learned in team sports to his 7 year career as a SWAT and SERT officer.

Brandon Stutts Nashville: Recreation in a Professional Career

While playing sports provided a great balance for Stutts in his youth, Brandon is still able to find solace and equilibrium in following professional sports during his more professional career.

Born in Texas, Brandon Stutts Nashville illustrates his loyalty to those teams, still following the major Texas teams today, wherever his career takes him.

A longtime fan of The Texas Longhorns, The Dallas Cowboys, and The Texas Rangers, Brandon Nashville Stutts regularly follows the teams and keeps a blog about his experiences watching sports, and following his hometown teams.

SoundCloud and Vimeo

Brandon Stutts Nashville now keeps a regular podcast of originally recorded blogs on his topics of interest. On Brandon’s Podcast, you will find a discussion of news in the restaurant industry, blogs about Texas sports teams, and most of all, SWAT weapons and tactics. To listen to the podcast, visit Brandon Stutts Nashville’s SoundCloud page. To view videos on the same material, visit Brandon’s Vimeo page.